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Flannel and Poncho

on July 28, 2013
Flannel and Poncho

Where have we been?

I haven’t updated this page due to two new members of the family. An opportunity to raise two baby squirrels came to us and we took it! I will share what I have learned along the way! Introducing Flannel and Poncho!! In these first photos you will see they have an A&W root beer bottle with them in their box, this is for warming purposes. We filled it every couple hours with hot water and they would snuggle up to it.

In these photos the babies are only about three weeks old and already have some thin fur. This is a guide to what you will need initially.

In this stage of their lives you will need:

  1. Some box or crate to house them, preferably with a top to prevent drafts. They are unable to climb and don’t move much at this time.
  2. Old t-shirts on the bottom of the box. Towels don’t work well because their claws get stuck in them. Later on we learned they like to try and eat the bedding you would normally buy for a rabbit or other small animal. Stick with old T-shirts for their whole stay with you.
  3. A heating pad that you are not super attached to. You will eventually need to throw it away. We wrapped a t-shirt around the heating pad and placed it in the bottom of the box, never going above the second setting. Then plenty more t-shirts on top of that, they like to get underneath them to sleep. The babies must stay warm.
  4. Small syringes. These are what you will hand feed your squirrels with. 10cc or less works fine. We found that local pharmacies would give them out for free. Just ask for a oral medication syringe, preferably nothing with a luer lock end. Make sure to tell them what it is for or you will have to explain how you’re not a junkie! We did not use a syringe with a nipple on the end due to the babies got to much air with those and their teeth would shred them. Check out this website for feeding instructions, although over time you will be able to adjust to what your personal squirrel needs and likes. http://www.squirreltales.org.
  5. Puppy formula. The first few days we used a Walmart brand but we later switched to a brand of the internet called Esbilac. It had better nutrition all around.

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