What Will Squirrels Eat

What Will Squirrels Eat?

What Will Squirrels Eat?

Our Squirrels will eat:

(Click on the food and it will take you to the pictures)


Things our squirrels will eat that we have been unable to capture photo’s of:

(Squirrels tend to take anything portable and run with it)


12 Responses to “What Will Squirrels Eat?”

  1. Xena says:

    They also go crazy for avocados, corn, fresh coconut, grapes and pomegranate, in my experience.

  2. Xena says:

    oh, and butternut squash seeds are a huge hit. Some of them also love the squash flesh.

    • rachael says:

      Thank you for the ideas!

      • Xena says:

        Yes, it just depends on your squirrel. Each one has unique tastes and things that they love. But I don’t think I ever heard of a squirrel who did not love avocado, fresh coconut chunks from the shell or fresh corn. Those are universal favourites :) Also try berries, cherries and peaches (be sure to remove the pits from those). A lot of them like those, and especially when they are young they seem to have a sweet tooth for sweet fruits. My guys used to go crazy for mangos when they were little. I tell you, you never heard so much slurping in your life as when they got some juicy mango chunks :)

      • Xena says:

        Check out this funny article and picture of squirrels eating coconuts that were hung up for them :)


        • rachael says:

          That is to funny! I may just have to try and see if mine will eat coconuts! Would be a good laugh! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Xena says:

    Not to be too critical or anything, but just btw, you have a lot of salty junk food up there! I am sure that squirrels will eat that. In truth they are amazingly opportunistic omnivores that will eat almost anything, especially the Eastern Grey squirrel is like that. But a lot of salt is not good for them! They will eat unsalted sunflower seeds and nuts, too, you know, and they will be much healthier for it. If you are going to give them lots of salty stuff, don’t forget to put out a clean yoghurt or sour cream container of water every day! :) Especially now that we are getting into the hot weather, they are going to need a lot of water to pee out the excess salt. It is actually toxic if it accumulates too much in the body, and you wouldn’t want to hurt the sweet squeebles, would you? <3

  4. rachael says:

    They only get a couple of the things listed, just to see if they will eat it or not. They by no means are only fed junk. We give them plenty of corn, fruit, nuts, and veggies! While gray squirrels frequently use open water when available, daily needs can be satisfied from other sources such as dew and succulent plant material. Lack of surface water is not a limiting factor in a squirrel habitat and we also live on a lake. But I think that I may try and put out some water near their feeding station and see if they will drink from it! Thank you very much for your concern!

  5. Xena says:

    Oh, well, I had not considered that you live in the country ;) I am in a more urban setting, and the local birds and squirrels will sometimes go through the whole pint of water that I put out in a day. Of course your squirrels have enough water in such a great environment as you live in :) I was just thinking what would happen if someone who lived in a setting like mine read your website and started feeding their local squirrels like that all through the hot summer. That would be bad. So pardon me, please. And that advice is mainly meant for people who live in areas where all the creeks are paved over and the ponds drained – like in the city or near suburbia. If you live in that kind of place, give your guys water :) They will love your for it.

  6. cindy says:

    why do they chew on wood and destroy the wood around my front door?

    • rachael says:

      From the squirrels I have seen and raised, I believe it is to simply sharpen or wear down their teeth. Squirrels teeth never stop growing!

  7. Jimmy says:

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